Shakira kicked out of her house by Biku’s father?: They vent about what caused her move

This Sunday, April 2, the singer left Spanish soil forever Their children, Milan (age 10) and Sasha (age 8), Reported by the agency Europa Press and the show ‘Socialite’.

The Colombian will live in Miami, but before that he will take a few days off for the Easter holidays with his children, EFE news agency reported.

Although the subject of the move was immediate, Shakira would have made the decision hours before taking the plane.

He informed Piqué of the decision on Friday, March 31, according to EFE. During Saturday, April 1, journalists such as Marc Lerado reported movements in and out of the singer’s home.

But this premature end can be linked to Pique’s father.

They report that PK’s father directed Shakira

Hours after Shakira left Barcelona, ​​El Periodico de Catalunya published a report citing the singer’s escape. Her ex-mother-in-law threw her out of the house.

The newspaper’s journalists, Laura Fa and Lorena Velasquez, confirmed that they received an email signed by Joan Pique, the father of Colombian singer Gerard. She forced him to leave the house where she was living in Espluqs before April 30 with their children till today (April 2 Sunday).

“Missyville The property specified a deadline for vacating both It was the marital home in Esplugues de Llobregat, as occupied by the singer’s parents on April 30, 2023,” the owners of the famous podcast ‘Mamarazzis’ told journalists.

According to the report, if Shakira was defamed, she may have to pay compensation.

According to El Periódico de Catalunya journalists, Shakira’s residence in Barcelona ” The only property the couple had And it was in the name of a company called BCN TWO&TWO SL, the administrator of which was his former father-in-law”.

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According to the agency, the company was founded in 2012, with Pique’s father as an executive.

After revealing these details, it is said that this may have been the final push by Shakira’s former in-laws, who have a house next door to the one the singer left behind in Spain this weekend.

This is the news that Shakira has announced that she has left Barcelona permanently.

debt: Shakira/Instagram

Where is Shakira now?

Although several media outlets confirmed that Shakira flew from Barcelona to Miami on a private plane, Lorena Velázquez and Laura Fa confirmed the singer and her children in Periódico de Catalunya. They flew “into the unknown.”

“He went on Easter vacation with his children Milan and Sasha and his brother Tonino. It was a planned trip,” said Lorena Vasquez.

“From there they will go to Miami, They will no longer return to the Catalan capital“, to be precise.

A few hours before this new information, journalists described in the same publication Piqué was reportedly “very angry” with Shakira This premature move and disagreement is said to be due to their children dropping out of school in the middle of their studies in Barcelona.

It is reported that the children will begin their classes at the exclusive Miami Country Day School on April 11, the end of the holidays.


Shakira and her children, Milan (age 9) and Sasha (age 7) will soon be packing their bags to leave Barcelona permanently for Miami.


The contract established that the former footballer could travel to see his children “whenever he wanted” and spend 10 days a month with them in “La Ciudad del Sol”.

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Shakira and the boys will live in this mansion in Miami.

debt: The Crosby Group


According to El Nuevo Herald, it concerns the apartment she already owns in the city and is worth 20 million dollars.

debt: The Crosby Group


The residence is located on North Bay Road, a popular street.

debt: The Crosby Group

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According to information, it is a property with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

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The El Nuevo Herald reports that it has been put up for sale on several occasions, with the last one coming up for $16 million.

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The residence was built in 1951.

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Shakira bought it in 2001 for $3.3 million.

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It is known that the singer has adapted and redesigned.

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For example, he added three rooms, and now the mansion has a certain air of his Lebanese heritage.

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It has a privileged location as it fronts Biscayne Bay.

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For now, it is known that the artist has already enrolled his children in a school in Miami so that they can resume their classes after next Christmas, La Vanguardia newspaper reported.

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In the 12 years they were together, Shakira and Gerard Piguet never got married. The only legal issue that binds them is the safety and security of their children.

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According to a report in El Diario de Catalunya, Shakira could decide on a date to move permanently to Miami with her children without consulting her ex.

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