“Blue Beetle” beats “Barbie” at the domestic box office

Blue beetle”, which was the first “live-action” superhero movie led by a Latino actor, was a hit when it hit theaters after topping the national box office, leaving “Barbie” out of the reigns. Most popular was at the top for a month.

On its opening day, the new DC Comics movie directed by Puerto Rican filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto managed to collect $10 million, including $3.3 million from “previews” last Thursday, according to the film magazine. Collider.

However, the new Warner Bros. project, starring actor Xolo Maridueña, marks the final installment of the DC Extended Universe, a “reboot” coming out in 2025 with “Superman: Legacy,” which could reach around $25 million, according to the media outlet. In its opening weekend, it was a low-grosser compared to other superhero movies.

However, the new film was produced at a cost of at least $104 million, which represents about half of what other production companies spend on this type of film.

Meanwhile, “Barbie” grossed $6 million last Friday and will take second place with $20 million in its fifth weekend. Greta Gerwig’s landmark film is expected to take in $566 million at the domestic box office by Sunday, putting it one step ahead of The Super Mario Bros. , which earned $574 million during its run.

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