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New edition of the memorable Colombian Telanovela “”Has brought a series of surprises to all its followers and fans, among them the non-leading role of actress Carmen Villalobos and the sudden appearance of Laura Landono in the lead role. All of this is happening even though the number of Londono has not been mentioned before the release of this Telemundo product.

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Yes OK Carmen Villalobos In this edition of “Cafe Con Aroma de Mujer”, a famous actress who has participated in different soap operas that broke the tune records, she will play a villain Lucia Sandoval.

Thus, the lead role is in the hands of the actress Laura Landono (Caviota) Who shares roles with the actor William Levy (Sebastian). But what the followers noticed was that when this Delanovela was promoted, only Villalophos and Levi were named.

Landono spoke precisely on the matter. “Telemundo simply said: ‘Cafe’ is going to be produced, we already have heroes; there will be William Levy and Carmen Villalopos working in Telemundo. He mentioned two of his loved ones from Telemundo.”, Revealed to Diva Rebecca.

However, in the commercials the protagonist along with the villain can be seen to have chosen good and evil to reflect both sides of the coin. Added to this is the fact that Villalophos has a special contract with Tellamundo.

What about “Coffee with a woman’s aroma”?

The stars return to the remake with William Levy when the story that captivated Latin America returns to Telemundo, starring Laura Landono as Caviota and actress Carmen Villalobos. ‘Coffee with a woman’s fragrance’ in Telemundo soon ”, A voiceover is heard in the first trailer of the show.

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“Girl-scented coffee” It starts when Caviota and her mother come to Hacienda Casablanca to pick coffee from the second harvest of the year, hoping it will be the last time they make this trip, as they seek to own their own land. However, fate has other plans for them.

This important soap opera was screened Colombia By R.C.N., At 8:00 pm, managing to attract the attention of the telescope, which he considers one of the most successful already undertaken.

What did Laura Lando say about her relationship with Villalophos?

If you look at the version where both actresses may have some conflicts due to Delanovela, it is hers Laura Landono He came out to dispel all kinds of doubts in order to give peace of mind to the thousands of followers who follow this ambitious product.

To do this, he used his Instagram social network, where he answered questions from his followers, and one of these questions was “How is your relationship with Carmen Villalobos?”

The actress did not take long to respond with a strong response to the follower: “Fantastic“It simply came to our notice then.

Just like filming production scenes, it was with a very funny photo of both in the US.

But still Villalophos He joined in the confession and told the story of Londono about their relationship. “What a good time we had in New York. Kissing my lava“Villalobos posted.

When is a woman’s aroma written coffee?

The original soap opera was written by Fernando Cayton, Was screened in Colombia in 1994 and was very successful in various countries. The story stars Margarita Rosa de Francisco (Caviota) and Guy Ecker (Sebastian Valejo). This production was a huge success, which is why it became part of the best classic list of soap operas.

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Carlos Ochoa, a Colombian TV presenter who specializes in soap operas, pointed out that Kayton had created the soap opera as a local product for a specific Colombian audience, which was inspired by coffee production and exports around the world.

What she did was to show women in those years as militant, entrepreneurial, a woman with power, the word leader was not yet fashionable, so from there many women began to follow the example of ‘La Caviota’. , Studying, striving, progressing from being a collector”, He revealed.

Cast and characters in “Coffee with a Woman’s Skills”

  • Laura Landono as Caviota
  • Carmen Villalobos as Lucia
  • William Levy as Sebastian
  • Lincoln Palomac as Mauricio Salinas
  • Mabel Moreno as Lucrezia Valencia
  • Diego Gadavit as Ivan Vallejo
  • Lights Velasquez as Julia Vallejo
  • Catherine Welles as Carmenza Suarez, mother of Cavio.
  • Juan Diego Acudello as Bernardo Vallejo
  • Laura Arkbold as Paura Valejo.
  • Maria Theresa Barreto as Marcela Vallejo
  • Yarlo Ruiz as Lemurgus Acosta
  • Andres Toro as Aurelio Diaz

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