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You might find mice adorable. You might be thinking: what could happen to a small mouse in the house? The truth is that it is not good for these rodents to roam freely around the house, because despite their small size, they do a lot of damage. Apart from destroying furniture, clothes, wires and all belongings that they find on their way, they also spoil food and contaminate the places where they pass with their urine and excrement.

Believe it or not, mice can become a very difficult pest to control, because of their small size, they will fit into any opening they find. By hiding easily and having a high reproductive capacity, they spread rapidly throughout the home.

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But that’s not all, because physical damage is in second place when it comes to health. The presence of rat plague in the house is very unsanitary, because these animals have a habit of urinating and defecation everywhere, and these two are sources of infection in the red color. It is enough just to come into contact with any of this dirt to catch a disease, from not so dangerous as leptospirosis, hantavirus, to bubonic plague and toxoplasmosis. For this reason, it is very important to maintain good hygiene around the home to avoid infestations by these rodents.

How do you scare away mice if they already exist in my house?

The main thing to eradicate this annoying infestation in the home is to look for rat nests in nooks and crannies or in the furniture itself. You should also get rid of all traces of food, bread crumbs, papers that you no longer use, and get rid of clothes that you no longer use or donate. A very important thing is that you clean and disinfect your entire home, from floors and furniture, and get rid of everything that was in contact with the excrement or saliva of these animals.

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When you get rid of all traces of dirt, try to cover up all the cracks and crevices that you find so that they don’t easily come back into your home. Store your food safely so you don’t have to find a food source.

Another option is to set traps for these rodents, but we advise you to choose those that do not cause much suffering to any of these small animals, so those that contain adhesive or those of an electrical nature should be avoided.

Chlorine disinfect all those surfaces you think you might have come into contact with, as it leaves high concentrations of bacteria in its wake. Also, do not forget to wash and disinfect all kitchen utensils as well as the stove and clothes that the mice could have passed through, and in this way prevent the spread of any of the diseases that we mentioned above. Chlorine is one of the best options for disinfecting areas that may become infected by contact with these animals.

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