Shakira has spoken out about her split with Gerard Pique for the first time

Since his separation Gerard Pique, Shakira He did not grant interviews to discuss the matter. Finally, the Colombian singer Elle gave an exclusive note to Spain, where she inevitably discussed it. The artist considered it “very difficult to talk about it” and began to say how he got through it: “I kept calm and tried to process everything.”

He assured her that “he’s still” “getting over it” and that “it’s not like a normal breakup” to be “in the public eye.” Shakira He made it clear that his priority was his children and it was not easy for any of them. “Paparazzi are camped in front of my house 24/7. And there is no place where I can hide from them with my children except in my own home. You know, we can’t walk in the park or get ice cream or do anything like a normal family without photographers following us.”

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