Granada metro | Alcázar del Genil metro station will be a cultural hall for 200 people

Raquel Rose, Paco Cuenca, Marifran Carrazo, Antonio Granados and Antonio Ayalon blow out the candle on the fifth anniversary of the Granada Metro. / Ramon L. Perez

The installation of the sound and lighting system will be one of the most complicated procedures, as it is a working subway station

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You will enter culture into the Granada metro through the lobby of the Alcázar del Genil station. Works have already begun that will transform this space into the Jiménez Torrecillas Room, which will adopt the name of the architect responsible for designing this station. There will be conferences, music and exhibitions for up to 200 people. Once ready, the city will use this very special place, with moving trains in the background. The sound and temperature must be improved in order to be able to host this type of event, among others envisaged by this measure, in which one million euros will be invested.

The Minister of Public Works, Regional and Housing Detailer, Marfran Carrazo, visited the beginning of the conditioning and equipping works for the northern hall of the Alcázar Genel station of the Granada metro, coinciding with the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the birth of Granada. Assignment of urban service. The conversion of this northern hall into a multi-purpose room will be completed within nine months.

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Marifrán Carazo appreciates that with the start of works in the Jiménez Torrecillas Hall, a project will be implemented that will provide the metro with a closely related cultural and social dimension. “An intervention committed by previous socialist governments, but its planning and contracting were not touched upon until the last legislature, and we begin to implement it now.”

He also highlighted the distinct enclave of the future cultural space, which “will benefit from the architectural and heritage value of the Alcázar Genil Station”, a benchmark in transportation engineering, recognized with prestigious awards and prizes, such as the one awarded at the XIV Spanish Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, from Among other things.

Works come at this station on the metro’s fifth anniversary. The chancellor, with those responsible for making this relocation work, has blown out candles to celebrate, plus travelers are getting closer to pre-pandemic figures. In addition to the present, they also celebrate the future of the metro, as the southern expansion project is being drafted, which has already received environmental approval and which may start operating in 2023. The metro has already passed, in these five years, 46 million passengers.

The functional and equipment adaptation of the northern hall of the Alcázar Genel station is one of the countervailing actions of the works of the Granada metro, which in the previous legislature (2019-2022) received a “final payment” by the Council government from Andalusia.

In fact, 7.66 million euros have already been carried out in the works, and at the moment, the work of the third and final section of the remodeling of the Aral-Palencia axis is being carried out, to which is added the beginning of the works of this Chamber. Additionally, the new course route between Armilla and PTS is in the bid evaluation stage.

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The mayor of the city, Paco Cuenca, appreciated this new space and the subway itself, as the first element to combat poor air quality and as a link with the metropolitan area.

The Jiménez Torrecillas Room will be equipped with equipment and technology for exhibitions and cultural activities, and will also form part of the commercial operation of the Granada Metro. The room will feature video, audio and lighting systems for conferences, as well as equipment for exhibitions, stage furniture and seating for a maximum capacity of 200 people.

The installation of the sound and lighting system constitutes one of the most complex procedures, since it is a working subway station, with the acoustics of the transmission system. The construction project is considering solutions such as sound-absorbing partitions and a closing curtain for the room that also help to adapt it. The designed lighting solution adapts to all possibilities of use, and includes a double lighting system, for the theater and conference hall, with the possibility of broadcasting. The room will be an open space and will be delimited by a two-meter-high glass wall, which will separate the transit of metro users from the visitors of this futuristic exhibition and cultural space. It will also be connected to the street.

46 million passengers accumulated

The Granada metro has displaced 46 million backlog passengers since it entered commercial service on September 21, 2017. The Minister of Public Works, Marfran Carazo, has valued the great efforts being made to restore the metro’s pre-pandemic passenger threshold, through measures to improve service quality and safety.

In fact, if we compare the number of accumulated passengers between January 1 and September 20 2022 (7.34 million passengers) with the same period in 2019, “It should be noted that the Granada metro already carries 92 percent of the passengers it carried before the pandemic. In addition, in the months In the first nine of this year, a number of users similar to that recorded in the entire 2021 fiscal year have already been transferred, Marifrán Carazo noted.

The Minister of Public Works was accompanied during the disposition by the mayor of Granada Francisco Cuenca, the delegate of the Andalusian government in Granada Antonio Granados, the managing director of the Public Works Agency, Julio Caballero, and the delegate of the Department of Development Antonio. Which color.

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