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Days go by and the football player Gerard Piqué can’t get out of the eye of the hurricane because of his complicated breakup with Barranquilla singer Shakira..

Although the Barcelona player was already part of the training sessions of the Catalan club, his figure sparked public attention, related to the new details revealed by the entertainment magazine about his alleged relationship with a woman other than the Colombian artist.

Now, with less to go before the Spanish matches begin, Gerard Piqué has been accused of taking his alleged ‘new girlfriend’ to sign a deal to go out with him.

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Pique’s alleged deal

Gerard Hamert, Barcelona defender.

So far, as far as is known, A young woman dating a football player is about 22 years old.

A Swedish blogger shared a photo of the player with the young woman at a bar in Stockholm a few weeks ago.

Spanish paparazzi Jordi Martin went a little further and revealed a picture of BK apparently with the girl, taken in February when his relationship with Shakira was still active.

Journalist Marco Chiazza, recognized for his coverage in Barcelona, ​​added, “They met at a party in Barcelona, ​​which belonged to PQ. He became more comfortable with her after meeting her through a partner.”

Also, the reporter added “After asking permission to go out with her, Bigway hired her and she signed a no-say contract”.

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Apparently, according to the reporter, “Piqué doesn’t support the violation of his privacy and he doesn’t handle it well. So he doesn’t appear in any media; not on Twitch, not where he usually appears, or any other channel”.

Hence, the agreement allegedly signed with the woman has been listed as a kind of ‘law of silence’ by netizens.

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