Eduain Gas from Grubo Firm gave a car to one of his friends; Video

Although Organizational Committee Achieving world fame, its members always pursue the characteristic humility that it is no secret that young people lead a “normal” life, but now without the imperfections they once experienced.

For this reason, celebrities share what they get their hands on, the income they get from working Organizational Committee They use them to enjoy comfort with their family and always know that their loved ones have nothing.

Such is the case Eduin Cos, Who has repeatedly admitted that one of the purposes of his life is to provide the best for his family, but to be there and support those who trust in him.

Now the translator “Pass me” He surprised one of his best friends and gave him a car thanks to all the support and unconditional love.

The one who was complicit in the surprise was another Close friends From எடுயின்The young man came to Louis Alanis’ house and gave him a paper bag with the keys.

Louise released a video recorded by one of the assistants எடுயின். “It simply came to our notice then. After all, he gives it for your friendship, we for the faith, you know? She was with him from the beginning. Cornalitto, then enjoy it. Open it and we’ll see if it fits you, ”they mention to Louise as they hand him the bag.

Lewis was shocked to see the keys to the latest model, a black sedan, in which the occupants moved. The young man could not believe what was happening. “It’s okay to cry, old man, it’s yours. I have the documents here … “, they mention Alanis

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From your account on Instagram Eduin Cos He responded to that moment and wrote a message to his faithful friend. “Happy birthday, my dear. He knows I love him so much. ”

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