Shakira and Fuerza Regida together on Garritos Dumbatos | Video

The lie downMilitant or occupying the world in any of their presentations, because more and more people allow themselves to be captured by the sound and stories told from this type of Mexican region, he was already surprised by his statement. A new song of this genre is about to be released Shakira.

The Colombian Most popular in music, he joins his voice and experience with the youth of Fursa Regida and on September 20th they will announce the segment on all platforms. “boss”The Barranquilla native shared this in an interview at his recent festival MTV Music Awards.

Cover of the song. Screenshot Sony Music

He shared in the interview Shakira From his Instagram account, he mentioned that he is very happy to combine his voice and style with artists who perform regional Mexican music, then in the following photo he reveals the single cover, in which you can see a little pink pig broken into a graphic, the name of the artists and the title of the track.

Rumors have long been circulating pointing to Shakira as an artist collaborating with regional Mexican representatives, but it should be noted that this is not its name. Commanded force They were tipped for the duo, but it was already clear that the featherweight, Mexican-Americans could show their work with the singer.

Shakira confirmed the news. Screenshot IG/Shakira

Shakira was recognized at the MTV Music Awards

By his column ceremony The musical announced the release of the next duet and received special recognition for all the years of work, making the Barranquilla native the first Latin American artist to receive a “Video Vanguard Award” that night. , an award with symbols like Madonna One Beyonce In earlier years it gave an opening to all Spanish-speaking stars now.

“To my children, Milan and Sasha, who are here to cheer me up and make me feel that mom can do anything. And to my fans, thank you for being my army and helping me through all the battles (…) This is for you, my Latin American people, inside and outside of this country. : Thank you for inspiring me and giving me the strength and the will to go forward,” Shakira said as part of her speech, which she split between English and Spanish, drawing applause from the audience.

Shakira Awards. Screenshot IG/Shakira

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