They reveal why Telemundo rejected Christian Estrada from La Casa de los Fomos

The project started this week Famous house, Production Telemundo, The plan is to combine different celebrities in one house with cameras and microphones, including Cape Spanique, Pablo Montero, Veronica Montes, but one of the participants was unannounced last time, and we say Christian Estrada.

The former Guerrero 2020 participant was taken into account as part of this reality show, but what he did not know was that the TV station had every intention of meeting one of his former associates in one place. Watch the controversial Frida Sofia, the television station that knew that Alejandra Guzman’s daughter could not leave the United States because of immigration problems, and for more than a month they tried to find a solution to their situation with their lawyers, so they called Christ forward.

But since the project was over, it started on August 24th, and if they see that Frida Sofia can definitely not join the project, they do not know how to thank Christian because it no longer works alone for them, because it does not create producers, rating for design.

The sad and unfortunate thing is that the TV station decided to remove him from the show in the wrong way, and accused him of breaking the rules, went to see his partner actress Ferca.

One of the producers who wanted to keep her identity anonymous told us that Christian asked permission to go for an hour to meet her baby, and that someone from the production gave her that recognition, thanking her for not knowing it was a trap, instead they would call each other Alicia Machado and their times would complement each other Until then, let’s remember he recorded the Azteca master chef famous culinary reality show.

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Why did Telemundo reject Christian Estrada in an hour from La Casa de los Formos?

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