Mickey sent items in a trash bag to James after the WWE shooting

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Apparently someone is not leaving out the best terms WWE, Although what they did to him was disrespectful. On social networks this Thursday, the militant Mickey James said he received his items directly from company offices in a trash bag They sent him by parcel.

Via Twitter, Senior gladiator Vince McMahon was furious The owner of WWE- to inform him of the painful situation, even if it is said “Always Blessed and Grateful” Despite this incident.

On Instagram, five-time women’s champion and one-time Divas champion posted a video of the trash bag under the name “Mickey”: “This is so perfect, how I got my stuff, thanks WWE”.

Triple H apologizes and fires the employee

In his ability to be a leader for talent WWE, Legend Triple H released a message to apologize It had to be handled after some militants were sacked in “unacceptable ways” The person responsible for this “bad taste joke” has already been fired.

Layoffs in WWE; An unemployed Mexican

On April 18, World Wrestling Entertainment announces end of employment relationship With so many superstars, they have the aforementioned Mickey James And Mexican American Callisto, As well as popular Samoa Joe.

Plus, let’s remember that it’s the end of March Android release, We have known for many years in Mexico Shadow After blaming who is now open to any will as an independent fighter “Latinos are not taken seriously”.

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