Samsung’s revamped Bottom Mount Freezer refrigerators arrive designed to maximize space – Samsung Newsroom South Africa

Samsung Electronics Chile announces the arrival in Chile of its renewed Bottom Mount Freezer refrigerator models, which have the technology Maximum space, which allows you to store more food inside without the need for a larger refrigerator outside. In addition, it has a modern and elegant design, along with technologies to maintain the freshness of food and refrigeration at maximum performance.

“Bottom Mount Freezer is a line of refrigerators that is designed for families who prefer functionality, since, having drawers in the refrigerator allows food to be better organized, used and kept fresh for longer. In addition, they are designed to optimize space, being able to store more food inside without increasing the traditional external measurements of the refrigerator ”, explains Maria Ester Oyarzun, Product Manager of Refrigerators at Samsung Electronics Chile.

Space Max: More space inside

In this sense, the new Bottom Mount Freezer models have the technology Maximum space to store more food inside, without the need for a larger refrigerator. This is because Samsung has managed to expand the internal space of the refrigerator without increasing the external dimensions, thanks to a high-efficiency insulation, thus maintaining a modern design that fits in different spaces.

Intelligent cooling technology

It also features a cooling system called All Around Cooling, which cools each compartment from corner to corner. How does it work? It continually evaluates what the interior temperature is and looks for the most efficient one to have fresh food without loss of humidity, to preserve the natural flavors and nutrients.

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Goodbye to the frost in the fridge

Last but not least, the new Bottom Mount Freezer models with Space Max do not produce frost thanks to the technology No frost, facilitating the storage of food in the freezer and cleaning it.

Likewise, it should not be forgotten that all Samsung refrigerators, including the new models in this line, have a compressor with Digital Inverter technology, which provides better operation, energy savings and a 10-year warranty.

Keys to keeping food in the refrigerator in times of quarantine

Conserving food in times of quarantine has become a challenge, since spending more time at home means that food purchases have to be made more efficiently and parceled out from each other due to mobility restrictions. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the state of the food.

Today, properly preserving food to maintain 100% freshness plays a fundamental role in the quality of meals. It is not only about organizing or freezing food, but also about having a refrigerator with advanced technology to keep it for longer.

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