Several Republican senators have announced their refusal to confirm Joe Biden’s victory in the Jan. 6 congressional proceedings.

U.S. to end November 3 presidential election Eleven Republican senators announced Saturday that they oppose congressional certification, which is set to take place next week. It was a last ditch effort to delay Joe Biden’s victory, but it did not stop it. The move is unusual and risks exposing divisions within the Republican Party, the AFP said. AcerPress.

Donald Trump refused to acknowledge the outcome of the November 3 election, claiming that they had been rigged, although there was no conclusive evidence to that effect.

Republican Josh Howley was the first senator to announce his intention to run Wednesday for the Democratic nominee victory. He was followed by ten Republicans and their spokesman, Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In a statement, 11 senators took up unsubstantiated allegations made by the current president two months ago that “Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission with full powers to investigate possible election fraud.” The senators demanded that the commission be held urgently and, within a maximum of 10 days, evaluate the election results in states where both candidates were close to equal votes. If the censorship does not take place, “we will vote on January 6 to reject voters from the disputed states,” they added.

Congress must certify the outcome of voting in the Electoral College

In the United States, the president is indirectly elected by universal suffrage, and the Electoral College, also known as the “Voters,” confirmed Joe Biden’s victory on December 14 by 306 votes to 232 for Donald Trump. Voters respected the results of their respective states as the people came out of the polls.

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The House of Representatives and the Senate will meet on Wednesday, January 6 to certify these results, which will usually be a formality. The president, however, refused to concede defeat at the end of his term and asked his supporters to gather in Washington for the day.

What other opportunities does Donald Trump have?

In the House of Representatives, which is dominated by a democratic majority, more than 100 Republican elected officials want to vote against the certificate, CNN reported. However, in the House of Representatives, as in the Senate, their approach did not get enough votes to achieve its goal.

“We are not naive. We expect all Democrats and a few Republicans to vote differently,” the 11 senators agreed in their statement.

Donald Trump has repeatedly asked Republican-elected officials to support him in his crusade to challenge the outcome of the November presidential election. A new appeal challenging the results was rejected Friday by a Texas court over the lack of sufficient evidence by Republican Congressman Louis Comet. His complaint was to show that Vice President Mike Pence, who presides over the Jan. 6 congressional meeting as chairman of the Senate, can declare the results invalid in some states.

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