Maria Zaharova reveals the subversive activity of NATO and the West in Russia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova talks about subversive activity, the injection of millions of dollars by NATO and the West into illegal activities on Russian soil – a phenomenon we know from Romania

Bucharest, February 3 – Sputnik. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova responded to the bizarre procedure in the Moscow court where Alexei Navalny is being tried.

About 20 representatives of Western embassies, including the United States, participated in the event. “Let me remind you that, traditionally, diplomats support their citizens in foreign courts,” Zaharova tells them directly.

“Even if the Westerners see Navalny as their” king, “the ambassador said,” he is still a citizen of the Russian Federation, “adding that the measure” is no longer a mere interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country. ” The collective role of the West in trying to isolate Russia. “

Therefore, she confirmed Maria Zaharova’s sharp statement – “exposing the inappropriate and illegal role of the collective West”.

If not, Zaharova asks sarcastically, is it “an attempt to pressure the judge?”

Of course, in Romania we remember the number of accusations that the West made against Romanian politicians – and even to the press – that they would pressure justice!

Zaharova puts an end to “i”: NATO funding for “civil” or “democratic” actions, online activities and publications that create perversion in Russia!

“I cannot rule out their real concern, to a large extent, beyond the millions of dollars that NATO is pouring into illegal activities on Russian soil (perhaps British or American money),” Zaharova said, and concluded with another sarcastic remark: “They will have to report in their capitals where it ended The matter with this money. “

We remind you that in Romania, the parliamentary majority was prevented from finalizing a law to make the funds received by NGOs transparent.

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It should also be noted in the context of Maria Zaharova’s statement that a majority elected by vote cannot rule because of destabilizing actions by NGOs and sites that do not know how they were funded – but only because they have been publicly supported by the US embassy and representatives of some European Union countries. .

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