“Seven Haitians Detained at AILA for Lack of Visas to Destinations They Traveled” | Daily list

Immigration officials prevented seven Haitian nationals from leaving the country They were preparing to go to Spain, France and then BrazilWithout meeting the necessary immigration requirements to enter those territories in transit from the Dominican Republic.

According to the information provided, seven foreigners were in the country and they were preparing to board an Iberia flight without transit visas for stops in the aforementioned countries, which is why they were prevented from boarding the flight.

“They do not meet the immigration travel requirements to visit those destinations,” according to a report submitted by officials of the General Directorate of Immigration at Las Americas International Airport in connection with the case.

It points out that to travel through any of the above mentioned countries’ airports, passengers must have a visa and they don’t have one.

In recent days, after the border was closed on September 15 and the Air and sea transport between the two countries by order of President Luis AbinaderThe exodus of Haitians from national territory is notable.

After the nationals were not allowed to leave the country, they traveled from the Las Americas International Airport area to Santo Domingo.

Last Friday, Haitians were seen queuing in front of Arajet and Coba Airlines counters to leave the airport terminal to travel to South and Central America.

The largest number of Haitians leaving abroad are on commercial flights to Mexico and Jamaica, Nicaragua and Guatemala, according to information provided to this newspaper.

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