Serious challenge in dictation with nose and mouth tape. An influence from Italy, on trial – international

Following the death of a 10-year-old girl following a “darkening challenge” in Dictok, Italian police have begun investigating Italian influencers in Sicily.

According to La Stompa, the influencer is 48 years old and from the province of Syracuse.

In the context of monitoring the social network, Italian investigators identified a link in Dictoc, which is responsible for the profile of the Sicilian influence, with pictures capturing the challenge between a woman and a man. Both faces, including the nose and mouth, are completely covered with clear tape to prevent breathing.

This video was considered “very dangerous” by investigators because it is known to all unrestricted users, including minorities, and has recently occurred with similar challenges. Therefore, it was removed from Dictoc.

Over time, the influencer on social media released several video challenges with the same content, which allowed him to gain popularity and praise from 731,000 followers of various ages.

A 10-year-old girl from Palermo recently died of suffocation, Information that has so far led to the hypothesis that he is taking part in the “Scarf Play” challenge at Dictok.

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