The Mexican Embassy in Cuba processes very few visas and does not cover demand

The Mexican embassy in Havana, one of the island’s must-have procedures, processed very few visas in April because demand for tourist or study visas was huge, not what it covered for those interested. Wanted in Cuba.

According to the data of the embassy, ​​in April these participated in more than a thousand procedures, of which any type of visas accounted for 58%. The rest of these processes are legalization of documents, Mexican passports and birth registrations.

Figures confirm that 764 visas were processed in April, which is considered far short of the huge demand on the island. The Cuban community in Mexico is growing, with many trying to travel for tourism, work contracts, family reunification and study scholarships. All this requires a visa.

To do this, you first need to get an appointment for a visa through the “Citas Cuba” portal once every three months, but as needed, it opens and the page crashes immediately, then you have to wait another three months, crazy.

“You always have the same lie. Only those who pay for appointments get them appointment but common citizens are in the same situation for more than 1 year and every time we try to make an appointment an error always pops up in their system. It already seems ridiculous and disrespectful,” said one Cuban.

Procedures at the Mexican Embassy in Cuba?

How are these procedures paid at the Mexican Embassy in Havana? He pay Consular services can only be carried out with freely convertible currency (MLC) or a debit or credit card valid in Cuba, which must be in the name of the same user requesting the consular services.

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They indicate that the Mexicans have an emergency from this Aztec diplomatic headquarters: +5352869620. For inquiries about documentation, visa procedures and legalization for Mexicans: [email protected]

“The only way to schedule visa processing appointments is through the website The dating site is run by the headquarters of the Ministry of External Affairs,” they added.

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