Android 12 offers an advanced theme layout that brings the ability to customize third-party applications

It didn’t take long Android 12 The developer will be officially released at the preview stage. Today we learn about a new feature available in the new operating system from Google. One seems to be that users will have more control and possibilities for customization Advanced theme layout. At this point, users can change the look of third-party applications.

At this time, since Android 10, we can use a darker theme and have the opportunity to change the accent colors on a very simple level. According to 9to5google, Android 12 will bring more customization options. However, Google does not allow the use of any shadow, some are pre-defined. At the same time, the new Android version will allow third-party applications to benefit from this new theme system. There are also limitations here as app developers have to support these themes and colors.

On Android 10 and Android 11, apps can switch between dark and static mode depending on the option selected in the settings. However, developers have the opportunity to determine what the dark theme will look like for their application. For example, some applications use gray or dark blue as secondary shades in the UI. This leads to incompatibility with the structure and the appearance is often unsightly. Android 12 aims to solve this problem.

In addition, it is rumored that the new operating system will provide Recommendations depending on the selected wallpaper. Thus, the theme of the computer can be changed automatically when selecting new wallpaper. Let me remind you that the Android 11 Developer Preview was released in February last year. So, Android 12 will launch in just 2-3 weeks.

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