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The Convocatoria Seregnista Progresistas (CSP), since its formation, has sought, since its formation, to be a great umbrella for the “moderate wing” of the Broad Front (FA), and this Saturday, at its national meeting, it will seek to establish itself as an important man within a political force that, a priori, has two potential leaders for the year 2024: Mayor of Canelones, Yamandi Orsi, and Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cos.

In August, the call Formalizing its organization, by creating an executive secretariat and marking this national meeting as an important step for defining its electoral strategy. At the time, Mario Bergara, leader of Fuerza Renovadora, one of the sectors that make up CSP, said, newspaper that they are going to ‘labour’ to get their ‘presidential nomination’ opposing the candidacy of Orsi and Cuz at home.

In the run-up to the meeting, on Friday, the former Minister of Economy and leader of the Uruguayan Association, Danilo Astori, said in an interview with observer That “it is not the time to talk about candidacies,” but the event is “an opportunity to prove” that what matters “is the political behavior of this accumulation of power, and not just distinctions, positions and hierarchies.”

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For Astori, Uruguay is suffering from “electoral inflammation”, and should “wait for more appropriate cases in the future”, because in his opinion “there will be a political backlog between now and next year to spark a better discussion on the subject”.

Political sources pointed out that Bergara himself, in particular, is the best rated Serenista, and it is almost “undisputed” that he will put forward his candidacy. newspaperAnd that the discussion revolves around two other axes: when the candidacy will be put forward – a question of time – and how to form lists for Parliament.

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Fierza Renovadora’s deputy, Gustavo Olmos, said he had “no inconsistencies” with Astori’s statements, and emphasized that the meeting was part of “a mission to strengthen the invitation because we believe it is important for this station to have presence and internal strength”, which could “have a prior expression whether to run or not.

Regarding the names to be taken and the conversations Bergara had with the Convocatoria intern, Olmos realized that “there are conversations everywhere and on all sides,” and stated: “Two days ago it turned out that the president of The Republic had spoken with her sector to ask them to wait until September 2023.”

“The call is trying to express a different sensitivity to that expressed by other sectors, other candidates, this is a fact that exists in the FA,” said Olmos, who realized that the problem was to “overcome the dispersion” of the Serenista vote. “Yes one adds the votes of those of us who are in today’s meeting, we have nothing to envy the MPP or the Communist Party, and this is one of the things we are working on, and this more than pre-nomination or not for the Presidency of the Republic happens to agree on the lists of the Senate and the House of Representatives ».

Mahiya: “He can bring balance to the Football Association”

Along these lines, Uruguayan Senator José Carlos Mahia believed that the consolidation of forces on the lists of Parliament would be “a qualitative change that could help balance the FA and perhaps even change the internal map in the 2024-2025 electoral cycle.” “.

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To do so, they want the African Union to advocate for the promotion of “political behavior” that leads to “common and unique electoral bids, in every constituency and at the national level”, something that was not done in the last electoral cycle with what was then the Front, Lieber Serigny, and this has led to a “reducing the political weight of Serignism in the FA and in Parliament”.

When Mahia was asked what expectations he had in the face of the Sirenista’s political weight gain, he understood that “basically what could happen is that the ideas of the resurgent left have better articulation and make their voices heard”, and that “the FA can provide a balance that gives them more solidity towards the future “.

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