‘The Rock’ reacts to Holland’s strange diet of consuming 6,000 calories a day


‘Black Adam’ is being promoted Dwayne Johnson Right now, the actor decided to get down to business in the gym. ‘The Rock’ added more weight to his workouts and added a strict diet.

To paraphrase Holland and his weird diet: ”You don’t eat this…”.

That’s why the famous ex-wrestler was asked about another superstar’s diet Erling Holland. Through his documentary, the striker revealed that he likes to eat the hearts and livers of cows, which he consumes around 6,000 calories a day.

Dwayne The player’s diet has surprised him with the physical form he is providing, especially in the current season City of Manchester At the age of 22. He is the top scorer in the Norwegian Premier League with 17 goals in 11 matches.

“I love my food… if that works for you…! Does he eat heart and liver and lasagna before every game and is he in incredible shape?” he responded in a recent interview with TalkSport.

Holland Since his last years he has been engaged in a process of brutal physical transformation Borussia DortmundGaining more muscle mass through the food you eat.

”You don’t eat this, but I care about taking care of my body. I think the most important thing is quality food and eating local food as much as possible. People say meat is bad, but what? The meat you buy at McDonald’s? Or the local cow that eats grass right there? I eat the heart and the liver,” admitted the Norwegian.

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