Sequis Rivera is proud to wear a black micro body

Famous Singer Rangera Music Sequise Riviera Placeholder Image Shared a Photo Recently she was wearing a spectacular black dress, which is very short.

You’ve probably noticed some of the outfits that have become “fashionable” in an ad on your social networks.

The new trend in body suits is constantly appearing, and it is now Music celebrities, Fashion, actresses and whatever star is playing nowadays, they are almost new slim dresses at the waist.

These types of dresses have become very popular, and if you think that a curved woman can not use them, it was precisely Sequise Riviera Placeholder Image Who gave us a great example.

The dress she is wearing is black, which is too short in the front area to cover its parts, however she decided to use it. Owned by her mother Jenny Rivera.

Sequis Rivera wears a black body and speaks proudly on Instagram

Johnny Maran Rivera, also known as Sequis Rivera, not only focuses on his music, he also does so with his makeup and perfumes, he is an entrepreneur.

She’s at her point as a model of something that stands alone for a long time, obviously she’s fine, and she does it like a professional.

In her photo from two days ago, she is on an escalator, wearing an ankle boots on a white platform, a black body suit and a black blazer and pink hat in blue, pink and purple.

Click here If you want to see the photo.

He noted in his description that if someone does not particularly like it, it does not seem to interest him and fortunately it is not a requirement for self-love.

Sequise Riviera Placeholder Image Lorenzo Mundes’ ex-wife is currently participating in the “Ace Se Baila” show Kimberly Loisa And Juan de Dios Pandoza, no matter what anyone likes, no matter what others think of her, she doesn’t care in the slightest.

With 4,137 comments so far from her fans and netizens, she is supported, confirms that she is beautiful, and appreciates her courage in wearing clothes that a curvy woman would not normally wear.

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