Serco Perez agrees that ‘being Verstappen’s teammate is not easy’

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The Red Bull RB16B It is a difficult car to manage Sergio Perez He has experienced throughout the season that he still has no solution for it, increasing the problem that comes with it Max VerstappenToday, he is one of the best drivers in Formula One and is vying for the title of driver.

Seko recognized it Dutch company The conditions the car gives you can be just as harsh Perfect for your car, Something that puts him at a clear disadvantage.

“Of course being Max’s partner is not easy”, Tabato commented on the reports collected RacingNews365. “He was absolutely something in the car And operates at the highest level. We have a unique car, so it’s no secret that it wasn’t that easy for me, ”he added.

He explained that the car “Completely different” Something I had Racing Point, So it took a while for him to learn about his car and change the way he drives it.

“It was very difficult, otherwise very dramatic. We have a good car and we can be positive. Max proves it. This car, if not the best car on the stage, is at least one of the best cars, ”he added.

Know how to deal with stress

The Czech agreed to it The environment of the Red Bull also plays a role, Because it’s a great team to overthrow Mercedes, in his case he believes he’s turned it around, something Max’s former teammates could not do, Pierre Casley And Alex Alban.

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“You have to be very strong mentally every day. However, I think that’s my strength,” he said.

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