Newark throws a huge snap at Hector Chanderti during a live broadcast with La Casa de los Fomos

New York Connected live Famous house. He spoke with Hector Chandarthy, one of the hosts of the show, and despite his dedication of words of affection, appreciation and respect, Cuba returned his words with great sadness, promising that she would not speak when she loved someone. Was bad about him. , Refers to Guatemala speaking ill of her.

When Hector Chanderti heard Nierka Marcos’ words, he was quiet, listened intently, and his face changed as he dropped the smile to look at her with full seriousness. The conversation continued after the actress and singer promised to come back for the next season.

In the following video, you can hear the words of the New York dedication to Hector Sandarty:

The following Monday, he made his New York engagement to Hector Chanderti, saying he would attend La Casa de los Famosos. The Cuban will come to film, and she promises to protect herself because she does not want the “cargoils” to “poison” her.

Let us remember that according to Newark, cargoils are women who are part of the purple room. However, on his last weekend show, he dictated that Ivon Montero was already part of the selected team.

Earlier today, several fans accused Newark of hurting him. He refused to go down on the set of the live show because Cuba visited so many shows and sites to talk about his experience at La Casa de los Famosos. Now the reasons for his change of heart are unknown. Especially since days ago, when they were unworthy to say their presence, he had already promised to visit the show.

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