Sequis Rivera goes on vacation in the Dominican Republic and runs the nets

Sequis Rivera continues to celebrate his 37th birthday, as he showed on his Instagram account, with a bold skirt and fishnet top look that posed on his back.

Jenny Rivera, the daughter of a deceased translator, is currently promoting her latest album “Abeja Reena”. But these days he celebrates with his friends and Emilio Sanchez, a photographer from Punta Ghana in the Dominican Republic. Last Sunday, June 26, he turned 37 years old.

Sequis Rivera shines on the skirt and fishnet top

Rivera shared the popular stage with 5.3 million followers, including a series of snapshots in which she showed off her back and hilarious figure, showing off her curved figure in a long skirt with net fabric. Matching top and a black bikini below.

“Another night, another adventure,” Sequis wrote with a series of photos that caused a stir among his millions of followers, who so far have received more than 800 comments and 76,500 “likes”, confirming that he is one of them. Favorites on the networks.

The translator of songs like “Baila asi” and “El Honor” surprised millions of his fans and reaffirmed that his costumes are the best when looking at the beach because he has shown who the translator is. Lover of fashion and trends.

Party with the girls

The singer first appeared on television between 2009 and 2013 on the reality show “Jenny Rivera Presents: Sequis & Rock-C” and “I Love Jenny”. In 2014, he released his first solo “Paloma Blanca” and today he is established as one of the most successful band and regional singers.

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The translator’s real name is Janney MarĂ­n Rivera, who has already been placed as an influence and fashion icon for women. Curve. She will always be amazed by her appearance and celebrating her birthday can be no different. From the beach she wore very bold and chic outfits.

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