Senator Dionysus denounces Sanchez Federals’ lack of border control: “He goes in and out of everything”

Senator Dionis Sánchez denounced “no border controls on the Pedernales” contrary to what the heads of government and state security agencies said during the ordinary session of the upper house this Tuesday.

“Controlling the border is not about closing the 10 meter gate, controlling the border is about sealing it, restricting the border is to avoid permanent traffic through that uninhabited area … no one has control,” the legislator said energetically.

Sanchez pointed out that in the delimitation it represents, “things continue as they are”, “nothing is done” and no military or additional equipment is sent to guard the border.

In that regard, he stressed that there are the same number of troops stationed in this border area before the crisis.

“We want to draw attention from here, especially in the Futurnales,” he stressed, while emphasizing that “the Boundaries in the Ferdinands are constantly entering and exiting everything.”

Military reinforcement

Contrary to Dionis Sánchez’s complaint, in early November the Ministry of Defense sent about 12,000 troops as a result of tensions in the neighboring country over the strengthening of the dividing line between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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