Lionel: It won't happen again in presidential elections, municipal elections

Lionel Fernandez.

Santo Domingo.- The presidential candidate of the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party, Lionel Fernández, said this Saturday that what happened in the municipal elections last February will not happen again with the presidential and congressional elections on May 19.

During the meeting with the representatives present at the polling booths, block no. 2 of the National District, the former president said that the Dominican Republic is going through a catastrophic situation and that people “look to the People's Army with hope.”

Unexpected results in municipalities

Fernandez said his party got an unexpected result in the February election because they went into the election with high confidence.

He said that he had received support on the streets during his tours during the last election process and the same support from the people, “but that could not be seen in the elections.”

“There was no coordination among the various leadership groups and therefore, the popular support could not be converted into electoral victory,” he added.

He told delegates that you should wake up early on election day, “It's a sacred day, a day to make possible the progress and prosperity of the Dominican Republic, like no other day, that's it,” he said.

Fuerza del Pueblo holds meetings with those in charge of elections, its leadership at the highest level, to strengthen the vote based on the membership it has.

The meeting was attended by the Electoral Jurisdiction Leaders, incumbent Deputy and Continuing Candidate Tobias Crespo, Representative Candidates Pedro Jimenez, Francis Hernandez; Nelson Gomez, Chairman of Electoral District No. 2; Election Managers and others.

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