Unidentified! This is how Caleb Bland now sees the fight with Canelo Alvarez

Saul Canelo Alvarez It comes from achieving one of the most important goals after being number one in Mexican boxing history The undisputed world champion at 168 pounds after the defeat Caleb plant By knockout at eleven. On the other hand, more than 48 hours after the fighting, an American militant posted a photo and his face went unidentified after the fighting with Mexico.

Conflict between Tabatio and the militant Tennessee Marked as one of the most important days of 2021 after being consolidated by World topics are AMB, CMB, FIB, OMB and The Ring. On the other hand, the militant Eddie Rhinoso Had to fight to find a moving American fighter, he played his cards well MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

On the other hand, eleven rounds had to be crossed Canelo Alvarez A front fight can end Caleb plant Who played the counterattack to leave Mexico unanswered. Despite this, the legs closed the fight as the Guadalajara man was able to see victory on the fast track.

Photo: Instagram / CalebPlant

In a long fight, where the power blows did not appear, it seemed to come out with the American face. Than, however 48 hours Of fighting, Sweet hands He released a photo this afternoon in which his face went unidentified after what happened on November 6th.

The Caleb plant broke the silence after the fight

Yesterday, Caleb plant He broke the silence on his social networks and made it clear that he was motivated to return to the ring. “I have bent the greater part of the world to my liking. I have done nothing but enthusiasm and talent for it. I am coming soon. I have shown that I am at the highest level and will be the world champion again. I am not afraid to go big or go out with my shield. Thank you to all the fans and those who follow me.”, American revealed on Instagram.

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