Selena: These are the tattoos made in her memory by AB Quintanilla

AB Quintanilla If the tattoo is 15 Selena Because he worshiped his sister “, by these words, Christina சரலேகுய். 2005 reveals what happened to Selena’s family after the March 31, 1995 murder.

As stated in it Transmitting, The musician was so stunned that he tried to deal with the loss by allowing a tattoo machine perch on his skin and “Queen of Tex-Mex“Every time he looks in the mirror.

Former member of Dinosaurs Over 50 Tattoos Throughout his skin, but most of this epidermal canvas is dedicated to the memory of his ex-wife Chris Press.

AB Quintanilla He was an isolated person associated with his feelings and some of the times he talked about this subject; However, you can see some of the jobs you captured through his Instagram account. The following are the most representative.

As a flower

Not only is it the title of one of the most popular songs he has ever written, but this melody carries a lot of weight for AB Quintanilla because it is a band that has been around since the time his sister and his family were both highly recognized.

4 16 71

These numbers, which go unnoticed by the less educated in Selena’s life, are related to her date of birth, which occurred on April 16, 1971. With this tribute, the sister wanted the musician to recognize her arrival into the world.

Selena’s face

Another mark AB got on his skin was his sister’s face. The tattoo “Queen of Tex-Mex” has undergone some changes, including a crown of roses that acts as a frame for this portrait.

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Unity forever

Much of Quintanilla’s body is marked with details reminiscent of the singer. One of them is on the back of her hand, which contains the legend of “SQ and AQ”, which is a tribute to him and his writing.


The Los Dinos are a group famous for the Quintanilla family, so mentioning the name of the group is part of a reminder of its past, which is closely linked to the translator of “La Carcacca”.

Mysterious origin

Let the mentioned music maker create a pair of eyes near the armpit of the tattoo machine, although there is no additional evidence of that, that look is beyond Selena’s doubt. His name is also engraved on his head.

Whole body

Another Tribute The musician has skin on one of his legs, which you can see. “Reena Of Tex-Mex ” Dance.


There is no clear tribute to naming people. AB did it in his right hand, in which he put the name of the singer who was murdered on March 31, 1995.

An M.S.

On the back, A.P.. Quintanilla drew a picture from the waist of Selena’s figure. This is one of the least shown tattoos because to see it, the musician has to remove his shirt.


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