Only Dodgers and Cups teams without Dominicans on the list

In the modern era of baseball Big leagues It is unreasonable for a team to have its own players from the United States on its list. Dominican Republic, In recent years, the island has exported a large number of players since the season, as a Latin American country with most elements of that nationality.

However, there are please you, even if the reader does not believe it Two current teams that do not have Dominicans on their list of 26. After an investigation by baseball analyst and commentator Luishi Sanchez, it was discovered Los Angeles Dodgers And this Cups de Chicago They are the only two MLP companies that have not implemented any quizzes. It is surprising that many years ago they were the owners of a significant presence of soldiers born in that part of the Caribbean.

Of the 26 executives Dave Roberts executed for the opening day, only three were of Latin descent, and we were talking about Mexican pitchers: Julio Urias, Vector Gonzalez and Puerto Rican infielder Edwin Rios.

For their part, Cubs from Venezuela, receiver Wilson Contreras and Puerto Rican crossover Javier Pease are the only Latin people currently active on manager David Rose’s list.

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