Cat del Castillo reappears in the thinnest beach paradise and is compared to Laura Poso

Although the actress wore a sheer swimsuit, followers did not stop criticizing the incredible change in her body, with some promising that she even got bigger teeth.

“There are times when life is so beautiful. # Pause “.That’s the news that actress Cate del Castillo shared a series of pictures, you can see her enjoying a paradise beach.

The “La Reina del Sur” actress showed off her seasonal figure with a neon bikini, very seasonal. Unfortunately the photos were not well received by all the followers and Kate looked completely different.

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Some not only let her know that she is very thin, but also pointed out that she has big teeth and compares her to Laura Poso.

“It looks like Laura Poso”, “What happened to the navel”, it’s not Kate, if it was her she had surgery on her face, teeth were placed, she has a different body “,” and those big teeth? She doesn’t have that “that’s the face that makes her change, because the body belongs to Laura Pozzo”, some of the criticisms Kate received.

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When he received compliments, some people asked him not to lose weight. “Very thin, where was that big body”, “You’re beautiful, great actress, but you’re so skinny. Take care”, and “Eat, dude, you’re skinny”, caught the attention of his followers.

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At 48, Kate has proven to be the most assertive woman with her physical training. In fact, when he was ready to return to the small screen with his memorable role of Theresa Mendoza, he was surprised to reveal his serious habit.

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