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Music and History , Queen of Tex-Mex, has impressed many and has produced films, series and books about her life and her successes. But that’s not all, now the iconic singer has a joke.

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Female Force: Selena22 pages by Michael Friesell and illustrated by Joe Paradise, and is part of a series Focuses on women who make a huge impact around the world.

This dynamic number explores the humble appearance And his star rise. “Writing about real people and situations is always a challenge. As a writer, I like to tell a good story when it’s true. There was a lot of talk about Selena. She wanted to tell her story with something new. I hope readers and their fans will enjoy what we produced,” said Missouri in Springfield. Friesell, a professor at State University, explained.

Humor about the life of Selena Quintanilla shows the beginning of her music career (Photo: TidalWaves Comics / Instagram)

Brand “Female force“Featuring prominent and influential writers, business executives, artists, journalists, politicians and enthusiasts.

“We believe it’s important for readers to have inspiring role models, to learn about extraordinary individuals who have overcome the challenges of making a difference in the world. That is the thought process that went on before Darren G. Davis created the female force comic series,” they said.

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Apparently, Comic Tex-Mex will dedicate a few pages to the Queen's wedding (Photo: Tidalwaves Comics / Instagram)
Apparently, Comic Tex-Mex will dedicate a few pages to the Queen’s wedding (Photo: Tidalwaves Comics / Instagram)

When and where will Selena Quintanilla’s comic premiere be?

  • Female Force: Selena“, 22-page comic, available in digital and printed formats from August 11, 2021 and can be found on many sites Amazon.
  • In addition, it has two versions: the hard cover designed by Dave Ryan and the cover of the comic book version of Raman Salas.
  • This is the first time the publisher has published a Spanish edition with humor in English.
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