Hackers attack DAO Maker and steal $7 million worth of cryptocurrency


12 before 2021 23:38 GMT

The stolen USDC money has been converted to Ethereum.

Crypto incubator DAO Maker has been targeted by hackers who stole 7 million dollars in cryptocurrency.

The hackers accessed a wallet on this platform and were able to withdraw funds in a series of token-denominated transactions. USDC, to me communication company.

The loot was later transferred to 2,261 ether, the currency of the decentralized system Ethereum, according to tweet By journalist Colin Wu and data D Etherscan.

attack effect 5251 users, each incurred losses estimated at an average of $1,250.

Actor from DAO Maker Certain On his Telegram channel, the attack only affected a intellectual deposit contract, while DAO “tokens” and other assets were safe. The company claimed that it took extra security measures and hired a cyber security company To track down the criminals and recover the money, with a plan to mitigate the damage.

The news of the attack caused a 15% crash From the value of DAO Maker tokens up to $1.65.

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