Sebastián Yatra and his version of The brief space in which you are not

Sebastián Yatra is a guy that we have always liked. But, since last night, we like him a little better. Because he has made it clear that what he feels about music goes beyond fashions, recovering one of the best love songs that have been written in Spanish, and covering it with great pleasure on his Instagram profile. What has already made us less funny is seeing him in what should be his home, at the foot of a cliff and with the sea in the background. Envy is called. Of the pig.

If you already comb any gray hair we are sure that you will know the subject but, if you are from the Yatra generation, it is very likely that it is the first time you have heard it in your life. The song in question is called The Brief Space You Are Not In and it was written by Cuban Pablo Milanés in 1984. From that precise moment and, despite the fact that at that time there was still no YouTube, TikTok or Spotify, the song was vitalized right away in the old-fashioned way, on the radio and by word of mouth, until it became one of the most famous Spanish-language love songs in the world. That’s right.

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In it Pablo Milanés sings to a girl who is very hung up on but, contrary to what the cliché tends to say, it is she who does not seem to want to commit. And that kills him:

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I still haven’t asked “will you stay?”

I am very afraid of the answer of a “never”

I prefer it shared

Before emptying my life

It is not perfect, but it comes closer

What I just dreamed of

In short, that in times when reggaeton and trap seem to flood everything, it is a pleasure that a guy like Yatra shares on his networks, to his 26 million followers, a freaky song from almost 40 years ago that surely many of them would never have paid attention otherwise. Now is when the centennials, not without reason, call us carcas. Right, sometimes we even enjoy being it because there are things that even if they smell old, they smell like you shit. And this song is one of them.

Centennial friend, here we leave you the original and we encourage you to pay a little attention to this guy named Pablo Milanés. Your Spotify will appreciate it, do not hesitate, we understand that you do not listen to us, but do it to Yatra, who knows a bit about music.

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