Liga MX: Chivas, Classico vs Club America Convict

Sivas It’s sad on the field. It’s a team that doesn’t have team football, or the uniqueness that makes a difference, or is smart enough for this team to spin three passes consistently. Maybe it’s because everything in Sivas is backwards. They do not understand why they are designed to play from inferiority complex within the coaching staff. Wait, close the seats, and from there, take advantage of the game by playing for a long time, because their players are better at transitions than they hear on foot. It has never been so difficult to make things easier for Vusetic. Just like him United States De Solari understood that in order to win he must be steadfast in defense, retrieve his best players, recover the score in specific moments, and understand what they are making in the attack.

Chivas plays with disbelief, with a very low attitude and clear ideas. He doesn’t create clear scoring opportunities, but he gets the lowest score in every game. It depends on the pair of Alexis Vega and Jose Juan Magias in the attack, when they are not there they are not the savior of football, there are small oases to stick with Guadalajara. America today is not walking brilliance, but it is a limited volume that knows who the key players on the team are and understands their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone.

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Yes, the reason for the fall of the Chivas National Classic is its low level of competition, with its poor individual quality teams and consistent coaches unable to suppress a tactical, professional and highly secured locker room. Press holding the same flag on their forehead. El Clசிகsico stopped being a game too long ago. Only three points are played to continue to add, and passion, curiosity and the assumption of success are in the background.

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But America has done its job. He is always the protagonist, confirming a certain amount of points and fighting directly for the titles. It is a team that always believes in its potential. He sticks to his story, his hobbies, and his obligations to achieve goals. No excuses, second hand whining and above all, without the approval of the press. He is one of the ‘adults’ who always fights with great determination for important things. Shivas, however, did not do so. He’s not one of the best on the table, he usually doesn’t win in important games, and he usually doesn’t show an idea and a good game on the field.

Sivas is guilty. Sivas is the worst man in the film and has never done his homework. Today he is sad because he could not give the minimum competitive face. Give any protection and dominate certain aspects of the game. This team is not well defended, there is no player who can make a difference and there is not a single coach who does not even understand his own players, which is unfortunate.

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