Scorpio Horoscope – Friday April 30, 2021 | Scorpio horoscope

The presence of the planet Pluto in your 3rd house Capricorn sign will assume that you need to change the way you express it, because you may need to improve, but not the news, the way you interact with it; Always seek empathy and love before saying something you think will be controversial.

Forecast for the day.
Tuesday in your 9th house will help give that initial inspiration to your studies, so today may be a day when you can focus more on your energy in learning a knowledge or studying some kind of study. Utilize this active power and advance those educational challenges.

Fisheries in your 5th home will positively affect you to experience new ideologies and ways of seeing the world from a very different perspective than usual, and your friends from this type of talk and company will choose them this way. Of persons.

Take good care of your emotional center and constantly refine it, because by nature you are a sign that things are holding you back; However, having Neptune in your 6th house will force you to make a strong emotional intent to release those trapped emotions and avoid the diseases caused by these blocks.

Even if you are a water sign, sometimes the way you express yourself is not the best of all because Pluto and Mars affect you the most, usually in a negative way; Fortunately, you have the help of Neptune in your 6th house Pisces, especially to avoid coexistence issues in your work environment and to have quiet days at work.

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Partner prediction.
You have all the energy you need to execute a pair from your 7th house in Taurus, thanks to Stellium, which will give you the best ingenuity, strategy and alluring qualities to beat anyone you want.

Sagittarius is usually a sign of long journeys, so in economic question it is possible for you to do a lot of business with people from other countries, and if you advertise your products and services using internet communications you will have good profit today.


Sexual energy:
Very good.

Love: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Friendship: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
Work: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Today’s information.
Saturn in Aquarius in your 4th house makes you somewhat bitter or bitter about new ideologies and ways of looking at life that your family members can adopt; So open yourself up to new people and let go of those conservative thoughts.

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