Scorpio Horoscope – February 17, 2021 | Scorpio horoscope

You may feel more alert today, you may feel isolated today, but you observe and analyze everything, take them personally, be able to look at them more deeply and take revenge, you will be more intolerant. You may be jealous of your partner. All this for Scorpio in the 1st house of personality

Forecast for the day
Today you can be seen so much with others, creativity will manifest in you. Today you may worry about social status and you want to get people’s attention. Home 5, all this to the sun in love affairs

Today you are going to be seen so much by others and you are going to bring their attention. You may be too arrogant in love and your ego may rise. Today you are going to be very magnetic and confident about yourself. This is for 5 home sun in love affairs

Maybe today in health you are so emotional, you can suppress a lot of things, do not suppress it that can go straight to the stomach. You can feel very pessimistic today, so if you feel bad you can feel very bad, try to think positive thoughts. All this to fish in the 6th house of health

At work, if you have a music job, today would be a great day, and even if you have an art-related job. You are oppressed and misunderstood, but you are willing to sacrifice everything for him. 6th house working fish

You may want a lot of money in a comprehensive way today, but since the thinking is comprehensive, you will want to spend it the same way. Take all of this into account so you don’t regret it later, or make a purchase on such a large scale. All this for Sagittarius in the 2nd house

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There are good economic opportunities

Partner prediction
You will be very emotional with your partner today, you will want to be first, you will dominate yourself a little, you will not have much tolerance in your relationship today. All this for Aries in the 7th house of relationships.

Love: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Friendship: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus
Labor: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

Today’s information
Today you may feel very noticeable, but you can go deeper into what you have noticed and create stories that you cannot, you can suppress it, but it can turn into an act of revenge, do not analyze everything. Today you are going to be very attractive to others, feel good, feel full, of course you are going to plan this with others.


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