Gerard Pique and the living conditions at his new home in Miami

AndHe is a former football player Gerard PQ Make the most of your stay MiamiThere he spends a few days visiting his children Sasha and Milan.

As agreed Shakira, Piqué enjoys spending 10 days a month with his children. However, on his first trip to America, he did not stay long He could only stay for five daysHe has already been with them in early April.

On this first trip Gerard Piqué did not have it easy, due to tensions with Shakira. Attorneys for both sides are continuing pending meetings to hammer out some details, particularly regarding the custody of their children. For now, that’s the deal, and that’s why Piqué is making the most of his trip to Miami Something other than spending time with their children.

The former footballer had to stay in a hotelSomething uncomfortable for him and his childrenSo he’s trying to find a house so he can be more comfortable in America with Sasha and Milan on his next visits.

According to ‘Semana’ and ‘Informalia’, Piqué has an idea of ​​what he wants to find in MiamiMe: “A spacious, bright space, minimal rooms and common areas.”

With these characteristics, it seems Chengalpattu Area, ‘The City of the Sun’ financial district, with many skyscrapers and residential and office areas, seems to be perfect for what you are looking for.

However, the downside would be that It is 10 miles from Fisher Island. Where Shakira chose to live with her children is Miami.

By this time, the place was a favorite of Pique’s. Want a house in Miami? And he doesn’t mind that this part of Miami is so exclusive because it’s an area with high purchasing power. The most important thing for the former footballer is to stay away from the media center and guarantee his children privacy and peace.

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