Puente reveals its commitment to building a new space for young people in the Valladolid Barquesol neighborhood – Spain

The Mayor of Valladolid and the Socialist candidate for re-election to the post of mayor, Oscar Puente, has unveiled a project for the construction of a third Espacio Joven in the capital of Valladolid, the plot of land in the Barksol neighborhood located between the neighborhood police station and the new library and active life center recently opened to the public.

The third stop for these properties will be in Valladolid between the neighborhood police station, the new library and the new Active Life Center which has recently been opened to the public.

The commitment announced by Puente, another one contemplated in the socialist electoral platform “Valladolid, better than ever”, includes the construction of a “symbolic” facility between the streets of Ciudad de la Habana and Enrique Cubero that allows the youth of the neighborhood to develop “all their creative potential In a typical public space for the 21st century.

It is, as defined by Oscar Puente, a piece of land with “very peculiar and very special” characteristics, which will allow “also to play with reliefs, architecture and to create a center not only well-equipped serving all creative activities that young people want to develop, but at the same time allowing them to make Something symbolic.

“Do something that will enhance the fortunes of this neighbourhood, the Barksol neighbourhood, which, like Valladolid, is undoubtedly better than ever,” Puente said.

In this way, Parquesol will be the third space for young people in the city (the western region) after those already working in the southern region (the former slaughterhouse) and the northern region (Rondilla) and will act as a “reinforcement and complement” to the rest of the youth policies developed in recent years and which have been Its development is also included in the electoral program, which will be officially presented in full in the coming days.

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