If you did not fill out the forms and received 200,200 directly with the IRS, this is all you have to do for $ 600

The Treasury Department is about to complete the payment of $ 600 for the second round of economic stimulus, which they previously explained during an information session, the steps to be followed by those who did not fill out the form but first recipients 200,200 stimulus to fill directly with the IRS.

According to Roxanna Santiago, assistant secretary of state for treasury revenue, the process should be by filing the next 2020 income.

The form should be available for electronic filing next week, and may require $ 600, even if it is “a person who has not filed”.

Undersecretary of Finance Angel Pontoza explained that the 2020 payroll includes a specific schedule for “those hijackers” who receive nothing or receive less than indicated.

“We can fix a number of situations in the payroll for 2020. This will be the B-3 schedule,” Pontoza said.

Santiago, on the other hand, said the process is consistent with what the IRS is doing in the United States.

The agency’s secretary, Francisco Pares, said 44,000 people who paid $ 1,200 in their 2018 salary did not receive second aid. “The group did not receive the $ 600 check because it did not file the 2019 return. At this final stage of the aid distribution, the 2020 return must be filed and claim as a repayable loan,” he said.

At the end of this week’s delivery period, citizens who can receive assistance are still waiting to apply for a refund of income tax returns for 2020, which will be available in the last week of this February.

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This last add-on is for everyone who needs to adjust incentive payments, including non-extremists. Table B3 is an individual on the 2020 Income Tax Form where you can indicate the payments you have not received, the ones you have not completed and the changes in your family structure that will help you get the money, ”he added.

He said the possibility of postponing the date for filing the 2020 form is being maintained in the work plan for April 15 at this time. “If additional financial aid is enacted in Congress, it will lead to an assessment of the possibility of postponing the date,” he declared.

Finally, he asked citizens to ensure that the social security numbers and full names stated on the form are accurate to avoid delays and errors.

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