Science and Technology Week begins: what is there to see?

The Science and Technology Week in Uruguay. This event, which will be 100% virtual As a result of the pandemic, it will have the participation of multiple scientists who will disseminate their research.

“Every year, especially during the month of May, we celebrate the advances of science and technology in Uruguay through various activities for all types of public,” say the organizers. Until May 23 there will be more than 1,500 events.

In 2021, the central axis will be the “Health research”, although carrying out other activities that, based on science and technology, arouse social interest.

This week it has been carried out since 2006. It is part of a series of initiatives promoted by Parliament. One of the first was the enactment of law 17,749, which declares May 23 as the “Day of the Science and Technology Researcher.” The day is articulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture and some 15 organizations participate in it.

What can be learned

All activities are free and free. In some cases, prior registration is required for limited places. Several of them will be offered beyond May 23 (until September 26), so the organizers invite you to review the calendar to access information on these cases.

One of the participants is the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU), that carries out, as for 15 years, the open day. The objective is to motivate students’ interest in these disciplines.

LATU scientists will publish videos about their developments on the social network TikTok, with the aim of reaching young people with another language.

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By entering these laboratories, adolescents can have fun learning about various topics, such as caring for the environment and water, food analysis, microbiology, energy efficiency and much more.

The Pasteur Institute, one of the organizations that has been at the forefront in the scientific fight against the pandemic, will offer a guided virtual tour.

The Faculty of Sciences and the University of the Republic will offer a photo exhibition for the scientific research that was contributed by students, teachers, officials and graduates who “share views on the various disciplines from the passionate gaze of researchers”.

Another event refers to the interpretation of the sounds of the nights. It is an interactive workshop for the general public, “on nocturnal sounds, made up mostly of amphibians, a group as diverse and sonorous as it is threatened in our country.”

A scientist will present on the Alcohol consumption in young Uruguayans and the factors that stimulate consumption and prevention. The work team led by Paul Ruiz has “vast experience on the subject through the application of surveys on the subject” in Uruguay.

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