Science and beer: a proposal to bring local science closer to the people in a convenient way

The Pint of Science Festival has arrived for the second time in La Plata, and it’s all the rage in many cities around the world for its innovative proposal to bring the work of scientists closer to the people in a convenient way.

The idea was born in London and soon it was replicated in other countries, so that researchers from each city could tell the public about their projects, as if it were a conversation with friends.

“It is about connecting people to scientific work in an informal way, because in general there is an idea that scientists are locked in the lab, and the truth is that it is not: a lot of us work in the area. This idea is to bring what we do closer to everyone,” he said. diary of the day Priscilla Bolins, biologist and organizer.

The festival will start today and will run until Wednesday the 11th at Casa Pulsar (58th Street between 5 and 6), from 6:30 p.m., with free admission.

Bolins defined “To take advantage of the great display of handcrafted beer in La Plata, we want people to know what the scholars are doing in their town, because all those who will be showing their work in La Plata, many of them are fellow Conicet.”

This year’s theme is “Science and Society”. Under it, topics such as aquatic environments and the relationship with inhabitants will be addressed; There will be talk of plant nutrition; Post about animal behavior, by a behavioral scientist, access to technology will also be discussed

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“Beer is the medium for relationship generation; it’s about destroying the environment, getting out of the formal. There is a 15 minute show and another moment to exchange questions or ideas. We will also do raffles and games,” the organizer said.

The first meeting, which took place last year, was held roughly due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, this will be the first time to try it in person, as evidenced by the entrepreneurial spirit.

“People drink because it is something new and very informal. It is the possibility of talking face to face with the researcher and clarifying doubts about the different topics that are revealed. In the previous version, the reception was very positive, and people got attached. So we have an expectation that the same will happen, because we already have more Out of 100 sure,” Bolins closed.

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