Paul Stanley rejected the role of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for this reason | Video

Alexander Gonzalez இனறிது He is an internationally recognized filmmaker, producer and screenwriter, so many actors and actresses are willing to work with him; However, to the surprise of locals and strangers some stars had the luxury of rejecting it.

This was the case Paul Stanley Who agreed on the show Little finger Promise The winner of four has a chance to make a performance Awards OscarWhat appeared For his new film “Bardo”. However, he noted that he was unaware that one of his characters was being tested.

Two weeks later, the driver was called to ask Chapel to follow suit. “At the last minute they told me it’s for an Inarritu movie. It’s going to be a film coming out this year because they shot on television and everything,” he said. Carla Dias Already Omar ShortWho he was talking to.

What did Paul do when he received the good news?

His good luck, son manager a few days later Paco Stanley Gave him the good news that he had the character. However, his work began over the next two days. The problem is, he had many duties at the door.

Paul Stanley Among other things he had to do, he promised to take care of his condition in the morning Today. Of course, many agreed ShortWho scolded him for giving up such a golden opportunity as he had got.

Asked if anyone had given up, he shouted, “These are all chances.”

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