Toluca should be a safe and orderly place: Raymundo Martínez

The consolidation of the financial reconstruction of Toluca, the development of public works with a far-reaching vision, the restoration of unity between the people and the transformation of the capital into a safe and orderly place of which its inhabitants feel proud, are essential for the administration that, Mayor Raimundo Martínez Carvajal, presided over.

During the celebration on the occasion of the release of the first government report “Foot to Earth results”, where he was accompanied by more than ten thousand residents of various municipal delegations, the mayor pointed out, that the government that walks on its own is nothing more than an administrative model, on the other hand, the power that She walks with people and holds hands with them, she is an agent of leadership.

First government report


At the Bicentenary Park, which was attended by the representative of Governor Alfredo del Mazo, Secretary General of the Government, Luis Felipe Puente, the mayor noted that during the first year of his administration, “we took to the streets to explain to everyone what is the only way to solve everyone’s problems once and for all, It is under the premise of community action from the foot to the ground.”

When summarizing the work done, he stated that Toluca is a city council that does much more, and spends much less; “Because it is an honest and transparent administration” In this regard, he reported that with the budget decreasing by 26 percent, 250 works were carried out, twice the number of the previous administration in its last year.

He referred to measures such as rehabilitating municipal clinics to turn them into comprehensive family care centers, investing in infrastructure to restore community kitchens, repairing equipment and sidewalks in various delegations, and starting sanitation works, as well as rehabilitation. Updating water wells and digging new wells.

First government report to the mayor of Toluca

First government report to the Mayor of Toluca


He added that various political expressions are represented in the city council of the Mexican capital, and for this, with a democratic direction, it has become a forum in which “we lived with respect”, and for this reason he thanked the members. of the Cabildo for their democratic stance. and his political maturity and commitment to ensuring that the Building Authority reflects the interests and aspirations of citizens: “through transparent, effective, and people-centered government.”

In his message, the mayor acknowledged the support of the administration headed by Alfredo del Mazo and thanked the “great works that have been delivered to the capital and which encourage the harmonious development and coexistence of the city’s families”.

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