Gloria Estefan opens up about her daughter’s sexuality

(CNN) — Parenting can be tough, even for music giants.

A new episode of the HBO Max and CNN series “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” Singer Gloria Estefan revealed to Wallace that she was reluctant to let her daughter Emily talk to her grandmother about her sexuality before she died. (CNN and HBO Max share parent company Warner Bros. Discovery.)

In 2020, Estefan and Emily revealed their conflict “Red Table Talk: Estefans”. At that time, Stephen He explained his reasons She wasn’t shy, but she was concerned about her mother’s health and warned of Emily’s attitude. Afterwards, he apologized to Emily.

“I told him to slow down,” he told Wallace. “You don’t sit her down and say boom. Please give it a minute to process.”

Estefan shared more details about her decision to go public with what happened.

“In the Latino community, a lot of these issues aren’t touched on, they’re taboo. People see, but they don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to see it,” Estefan said. There are I want them to realize that we are all families trying to get through difficult times in life.”

Since then, Estefan has received “countless” letters from supporters, who said the show helped them talk to their parents.

“Life is complicated. Life is hard,” Estefan said. “We wanted to share those things with people, so they would understand that these are conversations we need to have. The response has been fantastic.”

Estefan praised his daughter, who is a singer, and admired her determination. Careers are tough for young musicians right now, but Emily is determined, even appearing on Estefan’s new album, “Estefan Family Christmas.”

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“I told him to do what you like. You have to do what makes you happy,” Esteban said. “That’s what she does.”

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