Save space in your closet: 3 good ideas for making the most of the clothes you no longer wear

Spring is coming, and with it many trends that will give a change to the clothes that have been used during the past seasons, so it is a good time to clean out your closet and make room for the new clothes that you can buy to look stylish and cool during the hottest seasons of the year.

In addition to making room for new clothes, esoterically, there is a belief that it is always good to get rid of what you no longer use, otherwise you may cause your energy to stagnate and avoid the positive changes in the personal, economic and romantic spheres that we offer you 3 Ideas about what to do with clothes you no longer wear.

1. Donate or donate clothes that you no longer use

The first option you should take into account If you intend to get rid of clothes It is to consider giving it to someone who needs it and benefits from it, either to carry it or to sell it. You can give it to people who live on the streets or go to shelters or fundraisers.

There are even some associations like the Down Foundation that send someone directly to your home to collect donations, which can be clothes, toys or other artifacts that they sell later to get resources to improve the facilities and activities carried out by the children and young people who are part of the foundation.

You can make someone very happy with clothes you no longer use / Image: Pixabay

2. Put the clothes you no longer wear on sale

In the event that you are looking to make money, the thing you can do is to check which items you have in good condition that you no longer wish to use and can be sold as used clothes. What follows is choosing where you will sell these garments, which you can offer at a garage sale or electronically.

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For example, you can use MarketPlace on Facebook, apps like GoTrendier, or buy and sell collections on social networks, which can bring you closer to nearby communities that might be interested in buying vintage clothes or clothes from seasons past.

Feel free to sell clothes you no longer use / Image: Pixabay

3. Make new clothes with your old clothes

If you are more creative and have skills with a sewing machine, you can venture into making one New clothing designs With fabrics from clothes that you no longer use or that you want to renew. To do this, you can use the tutorials on YouTube and other platforms where many creators share their styles to create their most stylish creations.

Even though you don’t know how to sew, don’t worry! Another thing you can do is Send your used clothes go to a seamstress or seamstress and explain to her what you want to do with the fabric, or if you don’t, cut it to make bags or backpacks, for which you can go from jeans to a velvet dress; Rest assured that the finish will be of high quality even if you use fabric glue to attach each end instead of thread and needle.

You can replenish your wardrobe with clothes you already have / Image: Pixabay

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