Anuel AA mocks Carol G for ‘TQG’ lyrics and teases her with this photo with Shakira

After the grand premiere of the alliance between Shakira And Carol G.The artists keep up the billing with the song, in which both countrymen take the opportunity to throw several jabs at their former partners, but it’s the Puerto Rican who takes it all very seriously. Anuel b Reasons And ridicule of La Bichota for Letter of “TQG” with a Photograph appears in it Together To the translator “I congratulate you”.

For a few weeks now, Anuel b Yailin has been in the spotlight since announcing her split from La Más Viral, and now she’s back in the spotlight as she continues to give people something to talk about with her ex’s new single. Carol G.. Through social networks, the Puerto Rican shared some photos as a way ridicule His ex, he uses Letter of “TQG”And he recently shared Photograph It has received many negative reviews.

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