How sarcasm Elon Musk gave a disabled Twitter worker when he asked him if he was fired

Elon Musk is in a new controversy after that Makes fun of a disabled Twitter worker in the networksAfter the billionaire asked whether he was fired from the company or not.

The controversial conversation took place on March 6, When the employee was Haraldur ThorleifssonMusk, a senior Twitter official, said access to his computer was blocked nine days ago, after nearly 200 workers were laid off at the social network.

“Nine days ago, I was cut off from my work computer, along with 200 other employees on Twitter. However, your HR manager is unable to confirm whether Am I an employee or not. Thorleifsson wrote that he has not responded to my emails.

In it, Elon Musk replies to him on Twitter and asks him what work he’s doing at the company, which the worker told him he needed. breach of confidentiality agreement To talk online about their work.

Musk agrees with a message on Twitter, and Thorlevson tells him:I’m leading efforts to save about $500,000 in SaaS contracts. I support the closure of many others. In addition, she led the prioritization of design projects across the company to ensure we were able to deliver with a small team. “

The billionaire posted a separate message from the worker’s chat expressing skepticism about Thorleifsson’s work, later posting a message stating that the worker “He didn’t do any work“.

“The truth is, this (self-employed) guy has never done any real work, He claimed as an excuse that he had a disability Which prevented him from writing, but at the same time he tweeted a little. I can’t say I respect him that much,” Musk tweeted.

At this, Thorleifsson begins to explain on his social networks that he has a condition It’s called muscular dystrophyWhich prevented him from writing for long periods of time, which made him use a wheelchair when he was twenty-five years old.

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After the conversation, the worker confirmed on social networks that he had been fired from Twitter, and mentioned it He worries not about being fired, but about whether or not he will get paid.

“But hey, that’s fair, I got fired and I’m fine with that. Next thing to find out Whether Twitter will pay me what it owes me according to my contractOr if Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, would try to avoid paying me? Thorleifsson wrote.

The controversy has attracted the attention of millions of users, who not only criticized Musk’s actions against the worker, but also supported Thorlevson After explaining his condition.

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