Messi: Favorite Villain

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Mbappé and Messi eliminated PSG and Bayern Munich to the quarter-finals of the UCL

The German champions won both games to settle the tie. PSG suffered their second successive elimination in the round of 16 of the continental competition.

Paris Saint-Germain is a team Without structure, without work and without a technician At the peak of its claims and economy.

In two matches against Bayern Munich, he Naked Disability Christopher Galtier Beyond the conclusion he must propose a series in which he can compete.

Practitioner placed his faith solely in individuality, and if all he had left was harmony and group, he manifested it from head to toe.

PSG are worse armed: Two neutral Spaniards have arrived this season, who are neither a contribution nor a solution to a team, as they will be in the Champions League, requiring footballers not to collide when it comes to important responsibilities.

Fabian Ruiz played 75 minutes in the second leg against Bayern Munich and devoted himself to late or lateral passes. He doesn’t get off balance, he doesn’t hit a serve deep, he doesn’t connect with forehands, nothing. But it took the coach 75 minutes to learn about the situation.

And what about Carlos Soler, who didn’t play in the second leg against the Germans, but it’s true that he was used in the first leg and Ligue 1 matches. Zero. These two signings cite just one of the club’s problems Indescribable.

Today no one remembers that the Parisians took theirs ‘Tiger Raffle’ A draw against Bayern in the Champions League round of 16 as they finished second in their group below Benfica. Hence the importance of advancing as a leader, and PSG squandered that opportunity, leaving the points at home, no more or less.

No Galtier No capacity or coils To be the head of a complex team, with stars, egos, names aplenty, but not leaders.

French was Shown and reduced A few weeks ago when a club manager dared to direct a match without respecting the image of the coach. That’s the PSG coach and that’s PSG as a club: a mess of men in long pants getting their hands on sporting issues, that’s how it goes.

In the first leg against Bayern, the Parisians fared better and deserved at least a draw; However, yesterday, beyond two first-half scoring chances, Vidinha was very clear and they never gave the impression that the Germans were in danger.

Messi in the match against Bayern.Good pictures

Completed a record eleventh defeat in the Champions League and who have Blame? Of course, Leo Messi, who else?

Nothing new: A day where the Argentine doesn’t carry the team and makes a difference with goals or assists, he guilty feeling of failures.

It didn’t matter that Marco Verratti lost the ball in both goals—the first, ridiculously—, or that Mbappé was a ghost, or that full-backs Nuno Mendes or Hakimi, Wild animals In Ligu 1, they became smaller Alliance Arena; Nothing matters, It’s Messi’s fault.

from Historian Party for Mexico, who misused the microphone Ignorance Accusing Leo, social networks or even ex-PSG players threatening to no longer go to the Parc des Princes if the historic player renews his contract, all come together to point to a villain. a little”Analysis”.

Messi provided A good first time Yesterday: The participation, connected, delayed his position to dictate the developments, and he was close to scoring in an action in which the defense saved his goal twice, in addition to looking for Mbappé in a through ball that was a bit long.

Also, not only Messi but PSG also disappeared the observer Verratti’s colossal and inexplicable error from Bayern’s pass concert made it 1-0 (2-0 on aggregate) and ended the French’s aspirations.

Galtier didn’t understand that if the Germans put too much pressure on his team and couldn’t string three passes together, the best thing to do was jump lines and jump lines. No risk. He didn’t understand it, he paid for it, and beyond the fact that the club was winning the league, it was clear that the coach had to leave.

Whether Messi stays or leaves is the exclusive decision of the world champion, who at this point in his career can choose where he wants to play, despite his many detractors. to enjoy And blame him for his club’s mistakes.

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