Santa Cruz City Council opens a new sports space for Maria Jimenez

The Maria Jimenez neighborhood will contain a new sports space that will improve the endowments of a population center that has been demanding more municipal attention for years, with the football field being the only place to play sports in the neighborhood, and no playgrounds or sports centers. Yesterday, the Santa Cruz City Council Board of Directors gave the specifications the go-ahead for bidding, project drafting, implementation, project management and health and safety coordination for the adaptation of a new sports facility in Maria Jimenez.

The mayor of Santa Cruz, Jose Manuel Bermúdez, admitted that the move was “a compromise that was reached with the residents of this Anaga neighborhood who needed to reclaim a plot of land for use in sports and recreation.” Which is that although the land was available for this facility, the use included in the general plan, which was educational, prevented it from adapting to sport, so all steps had to be taken to unblock this change in use that was extended out for years.

The mayor added, “Now that the land use has changed, it remains to write a good project that will meet the expectations of the residents and allow the addition of a new community-use space to this popular neighborhood in the capital.” He added that “we had the opportunity to present the idea of ​​this government group a few months ago and it was well received by the neighbors who attended that meeting, in which the District Counsellor, Inmaculada Fuentes, and the Works Adviser, Dámaso Arteaga accompanied me. Today, a few months later, we were able to Solicit bids in shaping the future sports and leisure spaces for Maria Jimenez.”

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It was the approval of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands for the transition of this educational space from education to sports, which made it possible to resolve a situation that had been paralyzed for years. In this case, the education report favorably refers to the replacement of teaching equipment for the plot of land located in the Brevard Street area, since, as the regional council notes, education needs are considered fully covered by CEIP Rafael Gaviño del Bosque.

“It is an educational center that is not showing any growth, the number of students in the past 5 school years has fluctuated between 60 and 65, and the average enrollment for 3 years has been 7 students,” adds Education, which considers the center, which has 9 semesters over least, sufficient to cover educational demand.

With that view, the city council proceeded to change the use of the land, unlocking the situation to provide the neighborhood with a lacking sports center, which neighbors had been demanding for more than a decade. This has been one of the neighborhood’s main claims, and is always present in city council demands.

Yesterday, the Board of Directors, urgently, approved this tender, which, once awarded, will have the franchisor three months to write the project. It was also approved to spend 41 thousand euros this year, and another 30 thousand euros for next year’s budget.

This month, 37 public housing units were constructed

Santa Cruz City Council reported last week that “another important step has been recently completed to provide 37 new community homes for the Population Center of Maria Jiménez, specifically with the award of the Construction Management Project for this public promotion in the Anaga District,” reported Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, who He added that “this previous step is essential to speed up its construction, pending the signing of the agreement with the government of the Canary Islands.” With this new promotion, endowments become even more essential, if possible.

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