Kevin Hart reveals how Will Smith is coping months after the Oscars

Although almost four months have passed since the unfortunate incident Will Smith and Chris Rock At the Oscars, the scene is still in the memory of all viewers; In particular, despite his apologies on several occasions, Will Smith He isolated himself from the world and has stayed out of the public eye ever since.

Although the act was an attempt to protect his wife from Rock’s jokes about his alopecia, many internet users, actors and even the Hollywood Film Academy condemned the actor’s actions and banned him from all activities related to the company for 10 years. .

However, the “I Am Legend” hero seems to have had time to meditate because according to his friend Kevin Hart, he is completely sorry for the incident.

“He’s going to regret it, you know, he’s doing really well now, definitely better than he was before,” the actor said on the red carpet at Entertainment Tonight for the “DC League of Super-Beds” movie. , in which he lends his voice. .

Hart also explained that since both Smith and Rock were his friends, he could not take sides with anyone, or judge what they did; He also asked the public to forget this awkward moment.

“I still love him very much [a Will]I love Chris too, you can’t judge a person by one thing. Life goes on, people grow, give him a chance to do that,” he added.

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Finally, Kevin expressed his wish that the two could talk about it so they could continue to do what they do best, give their talent to cinema: “I hope they both find a way to reconcile. That they can move on. We’re human, we make mistakes. It’s about the past.” It’s not about talking, it’s about understanding the present and doing everything you can to move forward.”

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